From small parcels to urgent documents, we are offering seamless delivery solutions tailored to your needs

TPL’s Courier service ensures swift and reliable delivery of packages, documents, and parcels. With a strong network and efficient logistics operations, we guarantee timely shipments and excellent customer service. Experience hassle-free courier solutions with TPL, trusted by businesses and individuals alike.

  • TPL Courier, aims to provide reliable and efficient delivery services to customers in Bangladesh.
  • . Our business model is Simple, Robust, and Effective.
  • We will differentiate ourselves by focusing on providing affordable prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.
  • Our team has experience in the courier industry and is committed to providing high-quality services to our customers.


IOR/EOR solution maximizes efficiency through optimized inventory, routes

Air freight

Fast-track your shipments to any corner of the globe air logistics solutions.


Streamline your garment supply chain with our dedicated GOH

Special project

A fully trained dynamic
team in all modes of transportation

Road transport

Accelerate your supply chain with our robust road transportation network.


Optimize your order fulfillment with our efficient pick-and-pack services