Customs Brokerage

Navigate customs complexities with ease through our expert costume brokerage services, ensuring smooth clearance and compliance

Transport Partner Limited’s customs brokerage teams demonstrate their expertise, experience, and comprehensive knowledge by efficiently managing clients from diverse industries and handling a wide range of commodities. Our teams are fully equipped and possess the necessary capabilities to deliver exceptional customs brokerage services.


  • Efficient handling of project cargo
  • Expertise in handling consumer products
  • Specialized handling of power, oil & gas equipment
  • Proficient in managing textiles and chemicals shipments
  • Experienced in healthcare and medical equipment logistics
  • Capable of handling telecommunication equipment
  • Adherence to safety protocols for hazardous/dangerous cargo
  • Expertise in trade fair shipment handling
  • Skilled in managing computer and IT equipment logistics
  • Proficient in handling capital machinery and raw materials
  • Expertise in cool chain shipment management


IOR/EOR solution maximizes efficiency through optimized inventory, routes

Air freight

Fast-track your shipments to any corner of the globe air logistics solutions.


Streamline your garment supply chain with our dedicated GOH

Special project

A fully trained dynamic
team in all modes of transportation

Road transport

Accelerate your supply chain with our robust road transportation network.


Optimize your order fulfillment with our efficient pick-and-pack services

TPL Lead Logistics Solution

Lead Logistics

TPL Lead Logistics revolutionizes the logistics industry by redefining the way it operates to meet your specific needs.

Digital services

TPL Lead Logistics offers digital solutions using our proprietary software and extensive expertise.

Physical services

  • TPL Lead Logistics provides a range of transportation and logistics services, including
  • Air freight
  • Sea and ocean freight
  • Road transport
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing and
  • Fulfillment solutions.