TPL CFS/ICD Features (3rd Party) And TPL Bonded CFS (3rd Party) : CHITTAGONG

Export Cargo Storage Area 260,000 SFT (3-Sheds)
  • Cargo Receiving Bays – 43 NOS
  • Conveyor belt for Receiving Cargo – 20 NOS
  • Cargo Stuffing Bays – 43 NOS
  • Sliding for Stuffing Cargo – 20 NOS
Standby Generator 3 NOS, Total Capacity 1.2 MW
  • Direct Goods Stuffing Shed – 10,000 SFT
  • Reefer Cargo Stuffing Points – 25 NOS
  • Import Delivery Shed – 15,000 SFT


TPL Bonded CFS (3rd Party) : CHITTAGONG

Total Area 1,001,800 SFT
Yard Cargo Stuffing Area 120,000 SFT


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